Our Mission


J7 Community Health centres main aim is to target the entire community and give them a unique exercise experience.

100% Dedication

We are 100% dedicated to give all community residents from young to old as many opportunities as possible to better their health.

Our aim is to get you captivated and mesmerised by all the wonders and benefits of leading a healthy active lifestyle. We believe your health should never be taken for granted and we aim to educate and develop all aspects of your health, fitness and wellbeing.

Reliability & Trust

We strive to be reliable, trustworthy and want to appeal to every single resident in our local community. We will never stop working to make a difference and improve the state of our community’s health and social happiness.

Creating a healthier & happier community is priority to us because this will lead to healthier and happier future generations who treat health and fitness as priority as well; thus empowering our community for years to come.