Perfect for anyone wanting to improve fitness!! This class will get you burning maximum calories as quickly as possible. This class will involve barbells, weights, balls and will involve a lot of body weight exercises and movements. This class will boost fitness, muscle and strength development. The class takes a whole body approach and is supercharged and highly motivating and suitable for all fitness levels. If you need a kick up the backside and a reintroduction back to training then this class will be your best friend.


Training, toning and developing an acceptable core region is by far one of the most challenging things to do. This class is expertly designed to strengthen and develop the core as well as burn fat and flatten the stomach. It involves the latest and most scientifically proven and tried methods of abdominal training. 6 PACK SEASON BABBYYYYYY


By far one of the toughest classes we offer! This class is metabolic resistance training at its best. It destroys fat and build’s lean muscle fast!…. Super FASTTTTT!!!! Performed with a full body approach used with such a devilish intensity that creates a massive metabolic disturbance; thus elevating metabolism for hours post workout. If loosing FAT and building lean muscle quickly is your goal, this class is for you. Approximately 900 calories plus will be torched in this class.


A very high energetic fitness fuelled class that involves boxing style pad work as well as body weight exercises. Involves both low and high impact moves dependant on the person. Our boxercircuit class at J7 is one of a kind! The unique way we deliver and present this class is part of the reason we have the most well attended classes nationally. By far one of the most fun classes great for those who want to get extremely fit and burn fat.


A special class for special humans……mothers. This class will specifically prepare you for life before, during and after child birth.

  • Improve strength to help during labour.
  • Maintain and improve flexibility to deliver your baby without exhaustion.
  • Regain shape, loose pregnancy weight safely after giving birth.
  • Improve self-esteem, well-being confidence and energy levels.


A fave all over the world. An amazing stress reducing tool that elevates mood,reduces anxiety and rebalances your mind, body and spirit. It improves posture and is a phenomenal rehab tool for those coming back or suffering from injuries. Slow rhythmic movements and postural meditation with an emphasis on breathing for cardiovascular benefits.

L.G.C (Legs, Glutes and Core)

This beautiful class is an oldie but a goodie. At J7 we believe in evolution and adaptation. This class is our way of doing a traditional L.B.T (legs bums and tums) but with our expert remix and much needed improvements. It specifically focuses on only those 3 areas; it will force the lower body and core to reshape. If developing serious toning and definition in these 3 areas is a goal, try this little beaut!!! It will involve barbells, weights, balls, boxes and can be a quiet intense class.


This class has 1 goal in mind….burn some chub!! Involves tabata workouts, sprints, barbells, kettlebells, battleropes and modified strongman workouts. These are all proven and highly successful fat burning methods. Full body approach that will insanely boost metabolism. This class will include nutritional guidance and expertise.


For delicate clients who have experienced substance/alcohol/drug abuse and require specialist attention and exercise rehab. The class will involve gentle standing or seated body weight exercises performed at a suitable, sensible and safe tempo totally aware of client capabilities. Also for clients with the following-

  • Clients who have experienced mental health conditions
  • Dementia , Parkinson’s
  • Stroke
  • Clients who require cardiac rehab for help and prevention.
  • This class will help with long term management of individuals with cardiovascular disease, stroke and mental health


Extremely popular class that targets whole body toning!! Involves studio barbells with adjustable plates that will be used to tone, define and strengthen the entire body. No nonsense fast paced class that requires a truck load of grit and determination and will guarantee to leave the entire body shaking and thriving for more! Pump pump puummppppp!


New!!! Hard!! Addictive and fun!!!A combination of HIIT training and strength conditioning paired with musical motivation. A fusion of music and dance moves that pushes you past your perceived limits. Aims to get clients stronger & fitter discussed beautifully with Zumba rhythms and moves.


Weekly gentle exercise class that’s specifically for the older adult with low mobility, arthritis, diabetes and generally poor health. This class is aimed at preventing falls, improving flexibility and mobility as well as strength balance and co-ordination.


This is a session for those looking to gain some serious muscle. Suitable for men looking to bulk up and women looking for beautiful womanly toning and definition. Will be performed on the gym floor.